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Please contribute!

We love collaboration.

Bugs? Feature requests?

Code contributions

I would prefer some discussion before an unsolicited code contribution, i.e., pull request. This ensures that your effort is not wasted and that we’re aligned on how to improve the janitor package.

This is especially true if your proposed contribution does not match a currently open issue. If that’s the case, please open new issue(s) to have the discussion there, prior to submitting code.

If your proposed contribution addresses multiple issues, it should ideally be broken into multiple pull requests. This will make it easier for me to review and approve.

The mechanics of contributing:

  • Fork this repo to your Github account
  • Clone your version on your account down to your machine from your account, e.g,. git clone<yourgithubusername>/janitor.git
  • Make sure to track progress upstream (i.e., on our version of janitor at sfirke/janitor) by doing git remote add upstream Before making changes make sure to pull changes in from upstream by doing either git fetch upstream then merge later or git pull upstream to fetch and merge in one step
  • Make your changes (bonus points for making changes on a new feature branch)
  • Push up to your account
  • Submit a pull request to the main branch at sfirke/janitor

Prefer to discuss over email?

Email Sam. His email address is in the DESCRIPTION file of this repo.

Thanks for contributing!