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Numeric columns get multiplied by 100 and formatted as percentages according to user specifications. This function defaults to excluding the first column of the input data.frame, assuming that it contains a descriptive variable, but this can be overridden by specifying the columns to adorn in the ... argument. Non-numeric columns are always excluded.

The decimal separator character is the result of getOption("OutDec"), which is based on the user's locale. If the default behavior is undesirable, change this value ahead of calling the function, either by changing locale or with options(OutDec = ","). This aligns the decimal separator character with that used in base::print().


  digits = 1,
  rounding = "half to even",
  affix_sign = TRUE,



a data.frame with decimal values, typically the result of a call to adorn_percentages on a tabyl. If given a list of data.frames, this function will apply itself to each data.frame in the list (designed for 3-way tabyl lists).


how many digits should be displayed after the decimal point?


method to use for rounding - either "half to even", the base R default method, or "half up", where 14.5 rounds up to 15.


should the % sign be affixed to the end?


columns to adorn. This takes a tidyselect specification. By default, all numeric columns (besides the initial column, if numeric) are adorned, but this allows you to manually specify which columns should be adorned, for use on a data.frame that does not result from a call to tabyl.


a data.frame with formatted percentages


mtcars %>%
  tabyl(am, cyl) %>%
  adorn_percentages("col") %>%
#>  am     4     6     8
#>   0 27.3% 57.1% 85.7%
#>   1 72.7% 42.9% 14.3%

# Control the columns to be adorned with the ... variable selection argument
# If using only the ... argument, you can use empty commas as shorthand
# to supply the default values to the preceding arguments:

cases <- data.frame(
  region = c("East", "West"),
  year = 2015,
  recovered = c(125, 87),
  died = c(13, 12)

cases %>%
  adorn_percentages("col", , recovered:died) %>%
  adorn_pct_formatting(, , , recovered:died)
#>  region year recovered  died
#>    East 2015     59.0% 52.0%
#>    West 2015     41.0% 48.0%