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In base R signif(), halves are rounded to even, e.g., signif(11.5, 2) and signif(12.5, 2) are both rounded to 12. This function rounds 12.5 to 13 (assuming digits = 2). Negative halves are rounded away from zero, e.g., signif(-2.5, 1) is rounded to -3.

This may skew subsequent statistical analysis of the data, but may be desirable in certain contexts. This function is implemented from; see that question and comments for discussion of this issue.


signif_half_up(x, digits = 6)



a numeric vector to round.


integer indicating the number of significant digits to be used.


signif_half_up(12.5, 2)
#> [1] 13
signif_half_up(1.125, 3)
#> [1] 1.13
signif_half_up(-2.5, 1) # negatives get rounded away from zero
#> [1] -3